Fortrose, Scotland - May, 2017

I recently took a trip to visit my girlfriend's family in the north of Scotland in a small town called Fortrose. The trip really inspired me to get out and see more of my beautiful country. Here are some of the images I captured there. 

Hilary Ross - 90's Theme

Samantha Griffiths Shoot

Keeping the ball rolling in 2017, I did a shoot with the beautiful Samantha Griffiths for promotional content for Miss LCA, Retro Village and Apex Fitness.

Harris Tweed x Hilary Ross

Happy 2017 everyone!

I've set myself the New Year's resolution of taking as many photos as possible and push myself into new situations, regarding photography, in order to be the best I can be. Looking back at 2016 I'm extremely proud of how far I've come in just a year. Only 2 weeks into the new year and I've already been blasting through some new shoots and have some more in the works. 


The First thing I got up to was a shoot with Hilary Ross. She was commissioned by Harris Tweed as part of her university project for Glasgow Caledonian University. She created the jacket (as modelled by her) below and I think you'll agree it looks outstanding. 

Sleeklens "Strike a Pose" Review

Hello everyone,

I was reached out to by a company called Sleeklens, who produce workflow solutions for Lightroom and Photoshop asking if I would like to check out their "Strike a Pose" pack which aims to assist with Lightroom workflows for portrait photographers. I jumped at the idea because I knew using something like this would definitely make my job easier and help me make better use of my time; in order to produce the best work I can. 

I asked one of my good friends Ellie (@elliesketch) if she could be my model so that I could then use the Strike a Pose pack edit the photos. The pack comes with 69 portrait presets and 62 portrait brushes. For the presets the range from minor enhancements to full on preset edits. I found it really easy to use the minor ones as a starting point and then using the Lightroom sliders to fine tune them to exactly how I want. The brushes cover a large depth of options in order to get every component of your portrait to exactly how you want it. Covering things like enhancements for particular hair and eye colour, make up enhancements and skin enhancements. When working with portraits these brushes are extremely useful to highlight the features of the subject.

Here are examples of two photos with the before and after. They both feature use of the Strike a Pose presets and a selection of the Strike a Pose brushes:

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 17.39.02.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 17.14.29.png

I'm very happy with the outcome and will definitely continue to use this workflow going forward. 

If you'd like to check out the Skeeklens "Strike a Pose" pack you can check out the links below:

Barcelona & Catching Up

Wow, it's been a minute since my last blog on here. A lot has happened since my last update. So here goes nothing... 

I've done some more studio work with models that I will post on the portrait page at some point. I also became the photographer for the wrestling school I train at, Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum which has been really fun and a great learning experience as I've never really photographed action/sports things before. 

This past weekend, Hilary and I visited Barcelona for a short break. It's one of my favourite cities I've been to, full of such beautiful landscapes and architecture which help make photos look amazing. Here's an example of some of the shots I took on the trip: 

Finally, I set up a Facebook page if you wanna check it out you can LIKE it here!

Photo Shoot with Kieran Baylan

Hello everyone,

I was contacted by Glasgow based model Kieran Baylan to do a shoot. We planned to do some simple fashion/catalogue style photos and some black & white, as per request of his agency. As both of us are new, I could feel that we were both nervous. But I'm extremely happy with the results, and I think he is too. 

For the shoot I used my Canon 7D Mark ii and a combination of the Canon 24-70mm f4 and Canon 50mm f1.8. For lighting I used a mix of a flashgun straight into the silver lining of a softbox and just a softbox lamp by itself. Which I think you'll agree turned out pretty great! 

If you have the chance to work with Kieran, I would highly recommend it. He was extremely professional and polite. He will go far! 

Check out his Instagram - @kieranbaylan

New Lens!


It's been a little bit since I posted new photos so, in the words of Keenan & Kel: "Awww here it goes!"

I recently picked up a Canon 24-70mm f4 IS USM for a conference I was shooting for my work (unfortunately I can't post them because it was an internal event) and so far I LOVE it! That paired with my Canon 7D Mark II is a match made in heaven. I took some photos of Hilary and Callum to test it out. For the ones of Callum I reflected my flashgun into the soft box with the screen off it, made for some really nice light! Anyway here's some of those photos - 

Let me know what you think!

And I'll leave you of this excellent view from my apartment. 

New Website!

Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted any new photos but I've been working on a complete redesign of the website. I've migrated everything over to SquareSpace as I felt Wordpress was getting a little too clunky. Hopefully I'll be doing some new shoots soon so keep an eye out and let me know if you like the new site!

Lights, Camera, Action!

OH SNAP! It has begun.

I have lights. I repeat: I. HAVE. LIGHTS.


So the other day, Hilary gave me a belated Christmas present, some soft box lamps! So obviously we had a photoshoot, along with my roommate, Callum. There's even some shots of me for once!

More to come soon!