Sleeklens "Strike a Pose" Review

Hello everyone,

I was reached out to by a company called Sleeklens, who produce workflow solutions for Lightroom and Photoshop asking if I would like to check out their "Strike a Pose" pack which aims to assist with Lightroom workflows for portrait photographers. I jumped at the idea because I knew using something like this would definitely make my job easier and help me make better use of my time; in order to produce the best work I can. 

I asked one of my good friends Ellie (@elliesketch) if she could be my model so that I could then use the Strike a Pose pack edit the photos. The pack comes with 69 portrait presets and 62 portrait brushes. For the presets the range from minor enhancements to full on preset edits. I found it really easy to use the minor ones as a starting point and then using the Lightroom sliders to fine tune them to exactly how I want. The brushes cover a large depth of options in order to get every component of your portrait to exactly how you want it. Covering things like enhancements for particular hair and eye colour, make up enhancements and skin enhancements. When working with portraits these brushes are extremely useful to highlight the features of the subject.

Here are examples of two photos with the before and after. They both feature use of the Strike a Pose presets and a selection of the Strike a Pose brushes:

Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 17.39.02.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 17.14.29.png

I'm very happy with the outcome and will definitely continue to use this workflow going forward. 

If you'd like to check out the Skeeklens "Strike a Pose" pack you can check out the links below: