A New Beginning..

Happy New Year!  

I feel like that guy now, wishing happy new year on 10 days into the new year. OH WELL.

I've never really been one for new year's resolutions but since I had already made the promise to myself that I would do more with my photography at the tail end of last year, I now have even more reason to push myself at doing this. Since the photoshoot I did with Hilary last month, I've decided that I want to do more portrait/fashion shoots. I think purchasing some decent lighting will be a logical step to help towards this (the lamps in my living room probably don't do the job too well).

Something else that I'm currently looking into is attending a weekend college course, just to have some one show me the ways of the force. So we'll see if I can get into that!


Also sidenote: someone please stop me from spending all of my money on this...


New images soooooooon!


ps if you notice the image from the link to this post, I starting messing around with bokeh/tripod shots just before Christmas!