Berlin - November 2015

Hello everyone, it's been a while. I know, I know, I said that the creation of this website would be the start of me motivating myself into travelling more and practicing my photography. I'll give myself a slap on the wrist because I definitely haven't had the motivation I want. I did however take a trip with some friends to Berlin, Germany last month. Here's a collection of photos that I took when I was there. Subconsciously I think I focused more on taking photos that I would consider "memories" rather than focusing on the whole art side of things. But hey, isn't that what photography is about - capturing what means most to you... I think....

During the time I was in Berlin the horrific terrorist attacks on Paris happened. Being in a major European during this time, for me, let to much discomfort. Visiting the Brandenburg Gate the following day, with it illuminated with the French tricolour, was so moving and showed the union of the people.

On a lighter note, here is a song that was constantly in my head the whole trip, I hope you enjoy.

Hopefully I'll have updates more frequently!

Website Updates

Hello everyone, Unfortunately I don't have any new photos to share this time. However, this update is just to highlight the updates to the website. I've now included a ticker for my Instagram, Twitter, and for recent posts on the page (which I might try customise to be just the blog!).

A mobile version of the website is now available too!


This whole project is intended to be a learning process. Not only do I aim to travel and explore the world by taking photos, but I plan to use this to improve my writing and coding skills.

Hopefully I will have some new photos to share soon.


Take care,




Edit: I realise the social media widgets didn't scale to different screen sizes. I should hopefully have fixed it now! Please let me know if you face issues with the site.

Hello World!

Hello everyone and welcome to my website. My plan here is to document my travels and showcase my photos as much as I possibly can. Will I manage to keep this going? Who knows, but I hope you will stick with me for this experience! Any feedback is welcome. I'm not sure how often I will post updates on here but check back regularly and you might see something you like! :)